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Freelance Video Consulting 

2020 has seen a huge shift in how professional video content is being produced by businesses.

Social distancing measure mean it's not always possible to have crew on location and so innovative solutions are needed to help brands continue creating quality content for their audiences.

As a professional video production consultant I can advise and guide you through easy to follow practical steps that will enable you to create quality looking content across your online and social channels.

Video Set Up
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Video Production

Whether you need advice on how to shoot an interview, remote live stream or advice on the style of content your business should be creating, I'm here to help. I can create tailored plans which are easy to follow and simple to execute.

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Video Consultant
For Hire

Whether you need to hire me for a day or for two weeks, I can create a bespoke video plan that is ideally suited to your brand's identity.

My team and I have even created a remote live streaming package that can help clients produce content with nothing more than their laptops.


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Freelance Video Editor

Tel. 0203 633 1270

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Tom Farmery London Video Editor
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