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6 months without a post! Whoops!

So the last time I wrote a blog was Christmas time... I can see...

Actually I've got no excuses. Things have been gloriously busy with some fantastic shoots all over the globe! Writing blogs has taken a back seat of late. I'm writing this very post from my hotel room in Azerbaijan where I've been since the start of the month filming the first European Games. Thus far it's been incredible! The city is beautiful, the people are wonderful and my team are terrific. I've been fortunate enough to film a huge variety of sports including beach volleyball, Karate, gymnastics, archery and I've still got another 8 days to go!

So what else has been going on since Christmas? Well... (takes breath):

I've shot the London Wedding Show, filmed an exhibition in Paris with ESP, filmed a speech in Edinburgh, edited some films for Primark, shot a fantastic play called My Stubborn Tongue, went to Amsterdam with WordWide, filmed some awesome videos for Red Bull, filmed the inspiring BeFit exhibition and even created a cheeky promo with Gordon Ramsay for his new restaurant in Dubai.

He didn't swear once honestly...

I'm sure there's so much more I'm missing out on but that's certainly a good list for now. I've got some very exciting projects pencilled in for the rest of the year which I will update you on (more regularly) in the coming weeks and months. There's some great adventures ahead and I can't wait to see what the rest of 2015 will bring...

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